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March 4, 2009 // Personal
So about a month ago Robert and I drove up to San Francisco to Ed Hardy's Tattoo.  Oh my was I a nervous wreck!  I have been wanting a tattoo on my foot since I can remember but never really had the guts to do it.  I always saw girls with their cute tattoos on their foot and I would always catch myself saying "awwwwe, I want one too".  Even though I knew I wanted a tattoo I was doubting myself about the whole thing.  I would think OMG what if in ten years from now I regret it?  What if I don't like it?  Being an artist myself I was very picky on who would do it, where I would do it and would I like the quality overall?  Well I did my research and found an incredible artist named Clifton Carter.  His professionalism and dedication toward tattooing was amazing!  I think that if I wasn't a Photographer I was meant to be a tattoo artist, really!  He inspired me to keep doing what I love.  


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You finally got it!! It looks really good!! I love it!!

(03.05.09 @ 02:58 PM)

Thanks Claudia! I know I finally did it. I love it too. I just can't stop starring at my foot. My husband teases me that I should marry my foot, and I say "I DO!" LOL

(03.05.09 @ 04:45 PM)

the tattoo is beautiful!!! thats exactly what ive had in my head that i would like on my foot and i finally found a pic of it!!!

(05.22.10 @ 03:28 PM)