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Oh I was so excited to shoot this wedding :)  I had never been to Half Moon Bay.  This little town is so cute and much smaller than I thought it would be.  Everything went so smooth and everybody was excited for the big day.  Here are some of my favorites.  
The Rings...
Work it Malessa! :)
Off to the beach we go...
The day was perfect.  
This little guy was supposed to be the ring bearer but he broke both of his arms a week before the wedding :( 
And lastly the Father Daughter dance and the Mother Groom dance's were very emotional and yes like always I cried as well.

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Malessa & Manuel Machado:

Norma, I can't thank you enough for the wonderful job you did capturing all our special moments on our wedding day. Our pictures turn out even more beautiful then the both of us could have imagined. Your talent is priceless and i'm so honored to have had you as our photographer, i look forward to seeing the rest of them and i know they will be even more amazing as the last. Thank you again and i have a feeling you'll be back in half moon bay soon when we have our first baby.

Your Friends,
Manuel & Malessa MachadoU

(06.21.09 @ 05:40 PM)

OMG...These are beautiful! Sign me up ...I'm sold.....Love it!....

(06.21.09 @ 06:33 PM)
Rosemary Freitas:

I just looked at the pictures that you posted from Malessa and Manuel's wedding and they look absolutely amazing, not only did I have such a fun time being a bridesmaid but now I get to look at these beautiful pictures. I can't wait to see the rest of them.....How will I ever choose which ones to buy.
I'm sure we will be seeing more of you in Half Moon Bay in the years to come =)

(06.21.09 @ 06:47 PM)
Nelia Sousa:

These are amazing!!! Norma, you do an incredible job and you're lots of fun to work with! Can't wait to see the rest! :-)

(06.22.09 @ 07:39 AM)
Nancy Bush:

Your wedding photos are amazing. It looks like a magazine spread. You made a beautiful bride!
Nancy Bush

(06.22.09 @ 09:04 AM)
Nora Thomas:

Absolutely amazing pictures!!!! Malessa and Manuel are such a beautiful couple and you truly captured them!!!

(06.22.09 @ 09:21 AM)
Virenea Monteiro:

A day to remember and to cherish every moment of memeries, fun , love, laughter and most of all when you two became one. Thank you so much for having us there it ment alot to us to have shared your special day as you two become one.It was amazing day we all laughted danced, cryed, and most of all made a huge memery of this day with you two MR, & Mrs, Machado.....the food was great, the drinks were so goood the dancing was so much fun most of us could of went on for days, the cake was great and very yummy, and just watching you two couldnt be more perfect. We are very happy for the two of you we couldnt be any more happyer. Thanks again for having us Malessa and Mannuel.

(06.22.09 @ 12:50 PM)
Virenea Monteiro:

Oh my these pictures are amazing some look like they are made for a magazine. You have done a wondeful job on capturing every moment of their special day. You have sold me here.
Please come back to visit Half Moon Bay maybe who knows there might be a Machado next year!!!! wonderful job!!!:)

(06.22.09 @ 12:56 PM)
Shelby Moorhouse:

Wow the photos are amazing!!!! They are all soo cute Ilove them all, and look forward to seeing all the rest. Can't wait to order a photo of the cake too!! : )

(06.22.09 @ 03:37 PM)
Norma: Cabrera Photography & Films:

WOW! Thanks for all the love guys! I can't wait to go back to Half Moon Bay.

(06.22.09 @ 03:57 PM)
Elizabeth Rocha:

These are absolutely amazing wedding photos I can't wait to see the rest of them

(06.22.09 @ 05:36 PM)
Melanie Ruiz:

Norma you are awesome!!!!!!! These photos are amazing. you have so much talent. I can't wait to see the rest. I love them all and i will have a tough time choosing my fav. GREAT job!!!

(06.22.09 @ 09:56 PM)
Sandi Kaul:

What amazing photo's! You captured the moments beautifully! Of course, it helps to have an amazing couple to begin with - the beach photo's are priceless. Actually - they all are!

(06.27.09 @ 10:53 PM)