About Hello everybody,  Welcome to our new blog of Cabrera Photography and Films!  This is a journal  of both our business and personal lives.  We are a husband and wife team covering all of Northern California and worldwide specializing in documenting amazing weddings and lifestyle portraiture.  We are artists capturing stories "storytellers" to be exact and would love to capture yours!  We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment and check back often.  Enjoy!
Aren't they the cutest?!!  These cuties are my friends Sonia's little ones which I just reconnected through facebook. I love how facebook connects you with long lost friends :)  She was explaining to me how frustrated she was of all her typical "SEARS" portraits and that they could never get anything framable.  She was very hesitant to shooting them because she forwarned me that they would not coroperate at all. Sonia apologized in advance and litterally said "Were just going to jump off the car for three minutes, I don't expect much out of them specially not individuals cause that just will not happen!" Of course I laughed and said I'm sure they're not that bad SONIA!  Sure enough I got the shot's I wanted and they turned out amazing.


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