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Venue: BoaVentura De Caires Winery in Livermore CA.

Monica & Jeremy and such a beautiful wedding. I was totally in love with the rustic Mexican theme. Loved all the details, the food, the drinks, the ample of time for photos. Loved it! M&JW22.jpg
During the photo session the guests enjoyed Mariachi and some fabulous drinks and appetizers.
M&JW2.jpgM&JW9.jpgM&JW16.jpgM&JW3.jpg M&JW10.jpgM&JW11.jpgM&JW15.jpgM&JW23.jpgM&JW24.jpgM&JW26.jpg
Jeremy surprised Monica with a sweet serenade. M&JW27.jpg
Their daughter presented a Spaniard Folk tap dance. She was amazing.M&JW29.jpg

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Anna Perevertaylo:

I am in love with your wedding photography, I look at it every week for inspiration and ideas! I am a self-taught amature wedding photographer and my gear is not the best I have a Canon 40D and 17-85mm and 50mm lens. I am looking to upgrade to a 5D Canon and I was deciding on which lens to get. Looking at your photos I love the bokeh (depth of field) makes the subject really stand out. I was really hoping you would give me a shout and let me know what you reccomend the best (2) lenses for wedding photography and maybe if you can send the link to them. I shop Amazon for all my camera gear but I would be honored to get advise from you, if that is possible?

Feel free to look at my work I gave you my flickr profile link, here it is again: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25251025@N04/

Would be honored to hear from you, I am a huge fan of yours!

Thanks, Anna.

(06.25.12 @ 08:26 AM)