About Hello everybody,  Welcome to our new blog of Cabrera Photography and Films!  This is a journal  of both our business and personal lives.  We are a husband and wife team covering all of Northern California and worldwide specializing in documenting amazing weddings and lifestyle portraiture.  We are artists capturing stories "storytellers" to be exact and would love to capture yours!  We would love to hear from you so please feel free to leave a comment and check back often.  Enjoy!
I love shooting senior's because it's something fresh and different for me.  I don't do many a year but when I do I enjoy them a lot.  They're just so full of energy and life and they make me feel young again! HeHe... Heres the beautiful Krysta. 
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Vanessa is so full of life and energy!  I felt like a teenager again when I was shooting her.  She was so ecstatic to have her Senior Portraits shot.  I could feel her energy jumping right into my camera.  I had so much fun with Vanessa, her mom and lil sissy.  Vanessa is planning on attending college in San Francisco majoring in Fashion and she told me already that I am going to be her wedding photographer.  But Mom and I said "not until at least 10 more years OK!"  and we all started laughing.  I love this girl, she is a bundle of sweetness.  This session totally rocked my world so yes I have made a slideshow for you all to enjoy! Click here

I think these two next shots are insanely gorgeous!

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Juan CARLOS Fernandez:

wow! i stumbled upon this site after a friend asked me if i knew a local photographer i could refer her to for her baby.
you do excellent work, and these pictures are amazing!
i have no idea who the beautiful young lady in these pictures is, but i wanted to pay complement to you and to her. beautiful work. love the lighting!

the wedding pics i found on this site made me cry! and i don't even know these people *^_^*

(07.13.09 @ 06:29 PM)
Christine & David Rodrigues:

OMG Vanessa's photos are gorgeous!! I can't believe our lil Niece has all gown up! Norma, you did an awesone job at capturing Vanessa's character... just like our wedding our photos :) Your THE BEST Norma!

(07.22.09 @ 11:34 AM)
Vanessa Maganda:

I can't express how delighted I am to have chosen you to capture such a special time in my life. You not only captured beauty but you captured my true essence and personality without saying a word... Everyone I have shown has said what an awesome job you have done!!! You will be seeing more of me and more clients from Los Banos.. You brought a new kinda of style to Senior Portraits. keep doing what you are doing. =))

(07.28.09 @ 08:21 PM)
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